Security - We take it serious

Internet shopping is booming and so is the industry of fraud and scam. Especially once high-value items are involved, there is an increased risk of fraudulent activities, as it is lucrative for a criminal to buy himself some expensive items with somebody else's credit card. And if the article can be sold on easily, then the risk for the criminal is further reduced since there would not be any evidence in form of physical goods left. This is particularly true for precious metals and luxurious jewellery.

JAREEYA is taking security extremely serious. Not just to protect ourselves from sending expensive goods out, just to find a charge-back from the bank, but also to protect victims of credit card fraud. While our payment provider is using stringent security measures to filter obvious fraudulent activities out, we perform extra checks for any transactions or purchases that gives rise to suspicion.

Should we find ourselves in a situation in which we are not sure whether a transaction is either definitely genuine or fraudulent, we will reach out to you and may ask you further details. Please don't feel offended if we decide to call or e-mail you with respect to your order and requesting further information from your side; we are not doing this light-heartedly and it is not in our interest to waste your or our time. Although we strive to ship out any orders as soon as we can, we hope you appreciate that a thorough check may take some time which can delay your order.

Important! Please note that while we may ask you for additional information, we will NEVER ask you for:

  • Your full credit card number;
  • Your 3-digit CVC or CVV security code on the back of your card;
  • ANY of your passwords to ANY of your accounts;

Please note that we may ask you for a partial credit card number which can be used to verify the ownership of the payment card with the card issuer.

Should you receive a phone call from us and you are in doubt whether the call is genuine, we recommend to politely end the call and call us back on our phone number. We will not be offended if you hang up on us as we do understand that fraud and scam come in many ways and fraudulent phone calls are on the rise.

What will we do if we detect a fraudulent transaction that passes our card payment provider's security? If we can't satisfy ourselves that a transaction is genuine, we will cancel the order and refund it in full. Whenever possible, we will forward any relevant information to the card issuer and law enforcement. But please don't get worried if your card gets declined – it can happen and we only investigate suspicious activities.

Our priority is your satisfaction and security. Please accept our apologies for any false alarms and contacting you but we only do so to protect our customers and ourselves. We thank you for your understanding in this very important matter.

Some general tips for staying safe online and in the physical world:

  • Make sure the website you are using is secure; Look for the https in the website address which indicates a secure communication over the internet;
  • If in doubt whether a phone call is genuine, hang up and call the company in question back using the phone number on their website;
  • Avoid paying via bank transfer or debit card as it is not secure and in case of fraud it is very hard to reclaim your money. Use your credit card instead. PayPal also offers increased security but please check their Terms and Conditions first;
  • Look out for misleading product information. Describing a gold-plated item as gold or gold-filled etc. is illegal in the UK;
  • A very low price for precious metal jewellery normally indicates that the item is a fake or only gold-plated instead of being solid;
  • Make sure the item you are buying carries a legitimate British hallmark or one that is accepted in the UK. It is illegal in the UK to sell articles of precious metals unless the item is hallmarked;
  • Look out for a genuine British Hallmark. Marks like "18K" are not a hallmark! See our Hallmarking Article and the Dealers's Notice for more information;
  • See what review sites are saying about a particular website or look out for any independent quality assurances. For example, you can verify that JAREEYA is quality audited on the Assay Assured website;
  • In a shop, never let the shop assistant take your payment card out of your sight and never reveal your 4-digit code;
  • One of the best recommendations: If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is! Buying cheap can mean to buy expensive. (genuine fine jewellery is expensive);

Should you have any questions or queries about security – or any aspect we can help with – please do not hesitate to be in touch with us. We are here to assist you.