About Us

If you go to one of the many big chains around – no matter it's business nature – you know you are in a relatively safe place. At least you know it will be unlikely they run away once they charged your card. Dealing with a small or new company you might want to find out first who they are and what they do. So...

Who are you?

JAREEYA was brought into life and shape by Guenther Wurmbauer and his wife Jareeya, who also lend her name for the business. Both of us are running Idin Jewellery since 2010 and from this business venture gained experience in online selling. Idin Jewellery is trading in fashion and children jewellery and by calling JAREEYA into life a superb selection of fine jewellery, consisting of everything from gold, silver and diamond and gemstone jewellery is waiting for your discovery.

Selling goods is one thing, understanding what you are selling and providing customer support is a completely different thing. You are probably not too bothered if a purchase for a few pounds turns out not to be quite as you expected. Dependent what it is of course. But if you part with a significant sum of money, you do not want to receive a glas cabochon labelled as a rare fancy diamond. You would not be happy with such a company or salesperson, and neither would we as our reputation – and thus future business ‐ will suffer. We at JAREEYA value honesty, integrity and fairness. To provide you with the best possible service, we keep on learning and improving and re-investing in the business.

Where are you based?

JAREEYA and Idin Jewellery are based in the seaside town of Largs on the beautiful Scottish West Coast. Largs is a popular town for tourists and nearby residents who enjoy a great day out, enjoying ice cream while sitting on the beach. It's a lovely place to live in and visit, as long as the weather is on your side.

What's your philosophy?

All too often, people run a business in the hope for quick money. While we also have to rely on making a profit to pay our bills, our business strategy is based on having a long-term vision, putting customer satisfaction in front of a quick sale. We believe, a good reputation is priceless and more profitable in the long-term. It's also more enjoyable to read feedback from happy customers than dealing with complaints. Buying from us means to be in good hands.

Nowadays, many customers expect good customer service AND low prices. We strive to achieve the later buy keeping our stock levels to the bare minimum. This means our capital is not tied to holding vast amounts of expensive stock and also helps keeping our insurance premiums low. Plus we do not have to worry about stock being "lost" or stolen. Costs that are ultimately passed down to the customer.

The downside with this approach is that it delays the shipping of your order. Thanks to maintaining good relationshipes to our suppliers, we can keep this delay to a minimum and most items are delayed by only a day or two. Since the majority of our orders is shipped out via next day delivery, the overall time you will have to wait will not be significantly different than if your order was shipped out by a slower delivery method.

While we value personal communication with you, our customer, instead of sending out standard copy & paste replies, we also make extensive use of technology, to streamline our back office tasks, saving both time and money which in turn benefits you. Prices for precious metals and gemstones, including diamonds, are constantly fluctuating. You would not like to be overcharged and we therefore check prices daily for the majority of our jewellery on offer. All done fully automatically, a cost saving that we can pass on to you.