Diamond Bracelets

What kind of jewellery looks better on your wrist than a shiny golden bracelet, adorned with sparkling diamonds? Diamonds are an all-time favourite gemstone and they look fabulous when used in a bracelet. To add to the charm, all our diamond bracelets are made from gold.

Choose from thin, unobtrusive chains with spaced out diamonds or make sure your bracelet gets seen with a tennis style bracelet, where sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds are lined up next to each other.

Bracelet Type
Metal Type
9ct White Gold
18ct White Gold
18ct Rose Gold

Diamond Bracelets

Add some Sparkle

One of the best ways to add elegance and class to your evening dress is by wearing an exquisite diamond bracelet. They allow for a bigger number of diamonds to be shown than earrings and certainly complement other diamond jewellery you wear. Even worn on their own, they are beautiful and add some fine sparkle and brilliance to your appearance.

Taking care of your diamonds

Diamonds are tough and hardwearing stones but like any other piece of jewellery they want to be taken care of. Your reward will be long-lasting beauty that can be handed down to your heirs. Even the most brilliant diamond loses its attractiveness when it is allowed to get dirty and starts to look dull. Taking care is simple and costs only a tiny fraction of a quality diamond bracelet. JAREEYA offers you the full range of Jewellery Care Products that allows you to clean nearly any kind of jewellery. We recommend you the Diamond Dazzle Stik® by Connoisseurs to keep your diamonds clean, sparkly and full of life.

Learn more about Diamonds

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