Wedding Bands

A wedding ring is an absolute must-have for every wedding. JAREEYA gives you full choice to find your perfect ring, in the size you need and the precious metal you want: Yellow, White or Rose Gold, or even go for sumptuous Platinum?


Wedding Bands

No wedding can be complete without the ceremonial exchange of the wedding bands. The ring symbolises eternity – it has no beginning and no end. Exchanging your wedding ring with your spouse is an unforgettable moment and the highlight of every wedding ceremony. Choosing the right ring for your great day is nearly as important as choosing your partner for life – after all you will most likely wear the ring daily and for a very long time to come.

Most wedding rings are purely made of metal without any set diamonds or gemstones. This not only makes them ideal for daily wear without the worry of losing your precious stone or accidentally damage it; it also allows for a trouble-free resizing should you later find that the ring doesn't fit as well as it used to be later on. Most jewellery stores will be able to do this for you.